Procducts And Services Offered

Fabric, Garments & Bed sheets Division

The division is designed to enable the group to offer more value added and solutions In a field in which it is already a leader. With the conversion of processed fabrics into made- ups, and garments this Export oriented activity is dedicated to increasing group revenues with the minimum investment and offering to its clients and buyers the options and advantages of a unique combination of efficiencies in designing and printing.

With dedicated in house CAD/CAM facilities, there is an added advantage of being able to communicate directly via electronic media with our customers and their designers. This has the potential of huge savings in time and money as well as considerable increases in accuracy.

Very soon to be divided into two separate divisions and then further re-organized to cater dedicatedly to the various international markets, the objective is to offer efficient services and work at a high quality Level.

Commercial Print Division

Rahman Industries has always strived for excellence in every endeavor it takes upon itself. With the establishment of the Knits Processing Unit the goal was set to become the leader in the field of Knits Printing and Processing, Production facilities include complete pretreatment facilities including one of the few continuous tubular mercerizing machines, and finishing options including silicon finishing, raising, peaching plus all the standard finishes that can be a requirement.

With a separate management structure the objective of this division is to maintain a 100% utilization of the production facilities by offering commercial processing of all types of fabrics. These processes include Dyeing/Printing of Knits and Woven, Dyeing of Lace and Jacquards and finishing of Yarn Dyed Knits and Woven.

We are strong in development of varied fabrics with emphasis on stable knitwear in both Cotton and Synthetics. Our work standards are based on high quality and our results have always passed standard fabric tests in International Testing Laboratories abroad.

We derive strengths from our printing and designing division, in that our designs are always better, our accuracy and sharpness always finer and our colors always brighter and matching with the required standards.

We have experienced in working with water based inks, Pigments, Reactive, and State of the Art Glitters. Above all we are specialists of Half Tone Work and provide training to the Industry in our Institute on how to best use Half Tones.

We also specialize in paste and light pastel printing on dark grounds without any hand feel problems.

The dedicated in house CAD/CAM facilities add the advantage of being able to communicate directly via electronics media with our customers and their designers. This has the potential of huge savings in time and money as well as considerable increases in accuracy.

Commercial Dye House

Recently set up, this division consists of various Latest high temperature and low temperature machines with the latest Airflow technology, Santex wet compactor and ballooning hydro.! extractor, various tubular and open width drying machines and compactors. High quality fabric processing is done here both for export purposes as well as local consumption according to international standards.

Commercial Design Division

Now managed under a separate corporate structure but housed in the same facilities under the name of Texitech Pakistan, the facilities here are generally accepted to be among the best in Asia. The most prominent of these include over 9 CAD system, L.E.D. Scanner/Plotters, InkJet Plotters, and a State-of-the-Art Laser Engraving Facility. With a capacity to create, edit and produce over 500 designs per month, all inter group deigning requirements are met at a priority level and the excess capacity is then offered commercially to other printing mills and Exporters.

Software and Hardware Division

Texitech Pakistan, Agents and Distributors of some of the largest Textile Designing Solution providers Info Design and NEDGRAPHICS and market share of over 55%. This division is responsible for the promotion, sales and services of not only the software but also the hardware from suppliers such as HP, SONY, Wacom and IBM. Offering high end engraving solutions from LET. Belgium, a complete range of products and services is offered.


Fabric, Garments & Bed sheets Division