Facilities And Equipments


100+ Stitching machines.


CAD system.
High Resolution Scanners.
Ink jet Plotters.
Drum Scanner/Plotter.
Graphic Film Plotters.


Screen Coating, Polymerizing and Coating machines.
STORK End ring machines.
STORK Ultra-Violet Screen Exposing Machines.
STORK Laser Engraving Plant.

Pretreatment and Dyeing:

Latest high/low temperature Dyeing Machines.
Ballooning Hydro extraction Machines.
Electronic Eye Slitting Machines.
Dyeing/Printing, Winch Dyeing machines including Open,
Close and Soft Flow Winches, Hydro Extracting machines.
Special tensionless Hosiery Drying Plant.
Presetting Machines for Knitted Fabrics.


2 STORK Rotary Printing Machines 12 color and 20 color.


Dry Aging/Curing machines for pigment Prints.
Two Modern Heat Setting/Stenter machines.
Open Width Compactor Machine (Tubetex).
Raising/Brushing Machines for Fleece and Flannels.